Game Boy Pocket: USB-C Charging Kit PRO (for testing)


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This product is a Game Boy Pocket PRO board with problems with the DC-DC converter for the -15V line.

This converter is necessary for all the IPS screen which control the brightness using the contrast wheel. However, the converter makes an very annoying high-pitched hum in the speaker.
If your IPS screen has a touch sensor to control the brightness, or if you don’t care to use the IPS screen always at 100%, then you can test the rest of the board.

If you want to test it, you can buy and receive:

  • 1 Game Boy Pocket PRO board (with bad DC-DC converter for the -15V line)
  • 1 Broken Game Boy Pocket board (where you can take out a normal USB-C board)
  • Cables, light diffuser, etc. like the normal kits.

This product doesn’t have any warranty, the board has been tested before sending and except the DC-DC converter for the -15V line, the rest work well.

You can see here a video with the mentioned noise (the camera was not able to record properly, it’s more noise than the video shows):

Here testing the board working perfect if the DC-DC converter for the -15v line is not used:

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