Resellers & Installers

Some customers may prefer to buy our products directly from our resellers, for example for faster shipping, or because they have a huge products catalog you may need.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel confident in doing the installation yourself, there are also installers available who can customize the product to your specific needs.


Retro Game Repair Shop (in the USA)

Here at Retro Game Repair Shop we strive to bring you the best parts and mods for your classic consoles. We are constantly trying to grow our inventory based on your feedback, so if you don’t see the item you need please reach out to us and we will try to get it for you.

Zedlabz (in the UK)

We are a genuine UK registered business operating from a warehouse in Essex and our UK support team are on hand and ready to help you both before and after your purchase. We are a customer-focused business and all of our activities revolve around our customers, from fast dispatch to prompt email response, our customers always come first.

Resellers & Installers

Retrolize (in the UK)

Retrolize, a UK based team of retro gamers and modders, are dedicated to keeping the spirit of classic gaming alive one mod at a time. Our mission is to modernise the retro gaming experience by providing our customers with high-quality retro gaming products, accessories and mods that combine the awesomeness of the past with the convenience and performance of modern technology.

      • Game Boy DMG: USB-C Charging Kit PRO
      • Game Boy Pocket: USB-C Charging Kit
      • Game Boy Pocket: USB-C Charging Kit PRO
      • Game Boy Color: USB-C Charging Kit
      • Game Boy Color: USB-C Charging Kit PRO
      • Game Boy Pocket/Color: USB-C Charging Kit (GB2)



Modding, Restoration, and Repair of Retro Consoles.

MERKI.NET (in Germany)

They specialize in installing video capture devices on video game consoles; however, they can also perform other installations.
Contact them for more details.