Game Boy DMG: USB-C Charging Kit PRO

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This board is under development

The Game Boy DMG USB-C Charging Kit PRO is a new circuit designed specifically for the Nintendo Game Boy. This all-in-one circuit includes not only the charging controller but also a boost converter and audio amplifier.

The modern IPS displays with backlighting require more power than the original display, and flash cards used to load tons of games can quickly drain the battery. To truly enjoy the games, it is recommended to use a rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries.

However, simply using a rechargeable battery is not sufficient. The increased power consumption puts a strain on the original electronics, potentially causing noise in the speaker or headphones.

The typical solution is to add a charging circuit for the battery and a power converter to replace the old, inefficient one included in the GB. Some individuals also add an audio amplifier to enhance the sound quality of the speaker. All these modifications make the GB function optimally. However, installing them requires numerous cables and may be challenging for individuals without sufficient knowledge.

This board adds all these features with a clean and straightforward installation:


  • Exact shape for Game Boy DMG.
  • External power through USB-C. (1)
    • Compatibility with all types of USB cables or external batteries.
  • Li-Ion battery charger with overvoltage and undervoltage protection. (1)
  • Power DC converter of 5V output. (2)
  • Safe charge and play.
  • Audio amplifier for the speaker which amplify both channels.
  • Integrated LED indicators on the main board for charging battery (red) and full battery (green). It can be disabled by the jumper SJ1.
  • External LED indicators board for playing (white), charging battery (red) and full battery (green). Optional installation.

(1) The USB-C and li-ion battery require trimming of the shell.

(2) Provides stable power to your Game Boy, IPS screen, and flash card. However, it doesn’t supply the -19v rail, which means the original screen cannot be used.


  • 1 frame panel which includes the three boards:
    • Main board.
    • USB-C board.
    • Light board.
  • 1 Battery cable (with connector JST SH1.0 2P)
  • 1 Audio cable (with connector JST 1.25 2P)
  • 1 Speaker cable (with connector JST 1.25 2P)
  • 1 Light board cable (with connector JST 1.25 2P)
  • 1 Power cable (with connector JST 1.25 6P)
  • 1 Header of 3pins.
  • 1 Plastic holder for USB-C board.
  • 1 Light diffuser pipe.





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  • 2023-10: v1.0 (Not commercialised)
    • Initial version
  • 2023-11: v1.1 (Not commercialised)
    • Replaced the regular USB-C with a higher one.
    • Replaced the 2.54mm connectors with 1.25mm ones, except for the battery which remains at 1.0mm.
    • Other changes such as icons, logos, etc.
  • 2023-12: v1.2 (Not commercialised)
    • Replaced the activation of the DC converter from pin EN to the power cutoff of VIN since it generated noise with external power. (Now the circuit is like GBP/GBC-PRO).
    • The polarity of the white LED has been changed so that the light board can be soldered in the correct position with IPS screens.
    • Replaced the resistance of the white LED from 2K to 1K to increase its brightness.
    • The footprint of all JST connectors has been adjusted.
    • Replaced the 6-pin JST connector with a 5-pin one + an additional 2-pin JSP auxiliary connector for the light board.

If you are happy with your installation result, you can send me the photos and I can publish here, other clients will see the result!


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