Game Boy Advance SP: USB-C Kit

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the centered version.
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This board allows to charge the battery by USB-C cable or connect headphones with USB-C or jack adapter to USB-C in your Game Boy Advance SP (Also compatible with Nintendo DS).


  • Plastic cap made by filament 3D printer. It fit well with original GBA SP case. (1)
  • Charging your Game Boy Advance SP by USB-C, compatible with:
      • USB power banks
      • USB-A chargers
      • USB-C chargers (2)
      • USB-C PD chargers (normal speed, not fast) (2)
      • USB-A to USB-C cables
      • USB-C to USB-C cables (2)
  • Playing the sound using a USB-C headphones or USB-C adapter to Jack 3.5mm.

(1) The plastic cap is made for the original GBA SP shell. It may be compatible with other shells, but it will depends on how similar they are to the original.

(2) This feature has been recently added but has a limitation. Before USB-C to USB-C cables were not compatible and they didn’t charge the GBA SP. They can be used now, but they work only connected in one side. It means when you connect the USB-C cable face up will charge correctly the battery and the orange led will turn on, but when you connect face down will not do anything.
(Supporting double side connecting disable the audio of the speaker. So, this is the best option to keep the audio works and makes the USB-C to USB-C cables/chargers compatible. You can see a video in the “Additional content (videos)” tab.)


  • 1 board (1.2 mm thickness)
  • 1 plastic cap to cover the hole.



Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the plastic cap.

The USB-C earphone or USB-C adapter to Jack 3.5mm must be without any DAC inside, just analog device, otherwise it won’t work. For example these ones work perfect:


Additional information

Weight 0,0014 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 cm
Circuit color


Circuit version


Plastic color

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Additional content (videos)

Compatibility test

This another video shows the compatibility with different chargers

Test sound

I recorded two GBA SP, one with the original connector and adapter, and the another one with USB-C connector and USB-C adapter. Both sound layer are similar:

If you wish, you can download the mp3 and compare them yourself with a specialized software.


This board is compatible with:

  • Game Boy Advance SP (AGS-001)
  • Game Boy Advance SP Backlight (AGS-101)
  • Nintendo DS (NTR-001)

Some third party modules which people or I have tried and work well together this kit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a USB-C to USB-C charger?

Yes, you can use it but the video console will charge only with the connector face up. (read the description for more details)


  • 2021-04: v1.0
    • Initial version.
  • 2021-05: v1.1
    • Changed the USB-C model.
    • Changed the resistances for a smaller size.
    • Increased the PCB thickness to 1.6mm
  • 2021-06: v1.2
    • Removed the resistances. Internal speaker doesn’t sound with them.
    • Decrees the PCB thickness to 1.2mm.
  • 2021-10: v1.3
    • Modified the USB holes to solder it a bit stronger.
  • 2021-11: v1.4
    • Modified the frame to separate each board easier (It doesn’t affect to the board)
  • 2022-06: v1.4 (June)

    • Modified the frame to separate each board even easier (It doesn’t affect to the board)
  • 2022-12: v1.6

    • Added some of the new features from the centered version like the charging compatibility and board shape.

If you are happy with your installation result, you can send me the photos and I can publish here, other clients will see the result!


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