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The Super Nintendo: USB-C Kit is a board that allows to replace the original power connector for a modern and standard USB-C.

If your original connector is too old or damaged and you need a new one, or if you would like to power up your Super Nintendo with a standard USB-C charger, such as the charger for your Nintendo Switch, phone, or laptop, you can do so with this kit.

Moreover, with this board, you can remove the original, old, and inefficient power converter. Since the console operates at 5V, you only need the power from USB-C and a regular charger.


  • Exact shape for Super Nintendo / Super Famicom.
  • External power through USB-C. (1)

(1) The USB-C requires trimming of the shell.


  • 1 USB-C board.
  • 1 Power cable (with connector JST 1.25 2P)
  • 1 Plastic cap for the USB-C board.



Additional information

Weight 0,003 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 cm
Circuit color



This kit has been designed and tested on the Super Nintendo (Europe) or Super Famicom (Japan). It may also be compatible with the Super Nintendo (America) since, although the shell is different, the rear plastic part is removable, and the power connector is in the same position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What charger can be used?

You can use any standard charger for mobile phones, computers, etc., with 5V 1A. It doesn’t need to be a Power Delivery charger since this feature is not used.


  • 2023-10: v1.0 (Not commercialised)
    • Initial version.
  • 2023-11: v1.1
    • Modified the board size.

If you are happy with your installation result, you can send me the photos and I can publish here, other clients will see the result!


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