Game Boy Advance SP: Battery Adapter Kit

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Once your Game Boy Advance SP battery has gone bad, and you start to look for a replacement you will see it’s impossible to find original batteries since they expire if you don’t keep charged with a minimum level of charge.

Compatible batteries may be an alternative. However, some manufacturers  may lie with the real capacity or their quality is not good enough.

If you have changed the screen for a IPS screen, or the charging port for a USB-C port. I’m sure you will also want to replace the battery and make your GBA SP perfect. This kit helps you to install any li-ion battery, however the best option is the 603048 which has 900mAh, that is 300mAh more than the original!

Short video of the installation, the whole video down in the documentation section:



  • Exact shape for Game Boy Advance SP.
  • Protection circuit of over-discharge.


  • 1 Board
  • 1 Plastic adapter


  • Li-ion battery, recommended this one: 603048 of 900mAh
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Tri-wing screwdriver (optional)
  • Soldering iron
  • Tin


The next table shows the total of hours the original and recommended battery work. It was executed in three different GBA SP, with no sound and the same original game.

Original battery 603048 battery
Min. Brightness Max. Brightness Min. Brightness Max. Brightness
Game Boy Advance SP (AGS-001)(1) 28h 14h 45m
Game Boy Advance SP Backlight (AGS-101)(2) 7h 20h 30m 10h 45m
Game Boy Advance SP (IPS V2)(3) 3h 1h 30m 7h 30m 3h 30m

(1) Brightness levels: 0 & 1
(2) Brightness levels: 1 & 2
(3) Brightness levels: 1 to 9


In general, li-ion batteries already include a protection circuit of over-discharge, you will need to replace the soldered in the battery for the provided with this kit. Check the Installation guide PDF for more details.

The red solder mask drops in both sides of the board protect the circuit of short circuits when you solder the battery legs. This will be in black color like the circuit, not red.


Additional information

Weight 0,0016 kg
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 0,6 cm
Circuit color


Circuit version



Full compatibility with any GBA SP shell

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  • 2022-12: v1.0
    • Initial version.
  • 2023-01: v1.1
    • Modified how the boards are attached to the frame, v-cut instead mouse bites.
    • Modified the surface finish to gold.
  • 2022-02: v1.2 (First released version)

    • Modified the height to 5mm.
    • Customized both SOT-23-6 shapes in the circuit.
    • Bigger battery pads for easy soldering.
    • Added solder mask over the ICs to protect them during the battery soldering.

If you are happy with your installation result, you can send me the photos and I can publish here, other clients will see the result!


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