Game Boy Pocket: USB-C Charging Kit


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The Game Boy Pocket USB-C Charging Kit is a circuit that allows to charge a Nintendo Game Boy Pocket by USB-C and use a Li-ion battery instead of AAA batteries.

This circuit includes the famous TP4056 and DW01A. The first one is the device in charge of charging the battery, and the second one is protecting the lifetime of the battery of the over-discharge.


  • Exact shape for Game Boy Pocket
  • USB-C connector
  • Battery charge control (charging level and overdischarge)
  • LED indicators for playing (white), charging battery (red) and battery full (green)


  • 1 frame board which includes the three boards: charging, usb, and light.
  • 1 Battery cable.
  • 1 Cable of 3 wires for connecting the light board.
  • 1 Light diffuser.
  • 2 Small cables to connect the power LED if your GBP model doesn’t have a red LED.



This module has been designed to be used with the console’s original voltage regulator because it supports an input voltage range between 2 a 4.6V and the battery kit provide a voltage between 2.75 a 4.2V. If you also want to change the original power supply, it’s important it is compatible with the voltage provided for the battery kit, otherwise you may damage something.


Additional information

Weight 0,005 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 0,5 cm
Circuit color


Circuit version

v1.2 (February)


This board is compatible with the following version boards of GBP:

  • MGB-ECPU-01
  • MGB-LCPU-02
  • Others version may require solder some cable or may not be compatible, for example: MGB-CPU-01

Some third party modules which people or I have tried and work well together this kit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play and charge the battery at the same time?

The electronic board doesn’t have support for it. You shouldn’t play and charge at the same time.

Can I use this board in a Game Boy Pocket without LED

Yes, the light board include two pads on the top side where you can solder two extra cables to join it to some place on the GBP board. However, I don’t know yet where it’s the best place for soldering it and if it will require a resistance. (or change the resistence that includes the light board for another one)

The speaker or/and headphones make noise with the USB-C charging kit.

There are some conditions that can do the GB makes noise. For example, if your GB power regulator is too used/old, or you have installed an IPS screen that drains too much energy, etc. you can have this problem.
You can solve this in most of the cases replacing the original power supply for other compatible (the input voltage must support between 2.75 to 4.2V)

My GBP shell doesn’t have status light, Can I have it?

Yes, it’s possible to install the light status board and solder it, but you will need a compatible plastic shell (with hole). There is more information in the documentation.


  • 2021-04: v1.0
    • Initial version.
  • 2021-05: v1.1
    • Increased the size of the USB PCB, so that the USB connector sticks out a bit more.
    • Simplified how to separate the boards from the frame.
    • Added GBP logo.
  • 2021-10: v1.2
    • Increased the size of the USB PCB, for keeping the whole USB holes and solder it a bit stronger.
    • Reduced the pads width of the battery connector in 8 mil.
    • Modified the fount of the “GBP USB CHARGING KIT” text.
  • 2022-02: v1.2 (February)
    • The LEDs manufacturer has changed because the out of stock. The new green LED is a brighter than before. If this is too much for you, try to put translucent tape over the green LED (between the LED and the light diffuser).
  • 2022-06: v1.2 (June)
    • New green light with less brighter than before, but the color it’s a bit yellow, like lime color.
    • Modified the letter logos to avoid any complaint.


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